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If you’re considering buying an electric or hybrid car, you might have heard quite a few arguments for and against them. We explain the positives...  »

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In 2016 the Lullaby Trust charity funded research into how well newborn babies coped with spending time in an infant carrier in a car. The findings suggested...  »

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This option lets you drive up to the Departures building or short stay car park and hand your keys to a waiting driver who will drive your car to a car...  »

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Clear your car It might be obvious, but clear the windscreen and all windows before you set off. Don’t just peer through a small gap in the ice, as...  »

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In January 2017, the Government launched a consultation on the possibility of pushing the timing of the first MOT test for cars back from three to four...  »

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Smart motorways are a response to increasing congestion on UK motorways; they use cameras and speed signs to monitor the flow of traffic and many allow...  »

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Android Auto is a system that allows your car’s infotainment screen to display content from your mobile phone. The system is similar in most respects...  »

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When towing a caravan or trailer, you will often need to abide by different speed limits to those which apply in normal, everyday driving. And confusingly,...  »

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Broadly speaking, there are three types of garage that can carry out an MOT test: These are associated with a car manufacturer and kitted out with the...  »

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Keep double the distance between you and the car in front of you, as it takes double the time to stop on wet roads. When the road has flooded, let the...  »