How to drive in the winter

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How to drive in the winter

Clear your car

It might be obvious, but clear the windscreen and all windows before you set off. Don’t just peer through a small gap in the ice, as it’s both dangerous and illegal. Using a scraper or de-icer, clear all the windows of snow, ice or condensation, and make sure they’re not misted up inside by blasting the interior fans.

If it’s snowed, clear ALL the snow off the car; not just from the bonnet and windscreen. Snow left on the roof can fall forwards under heavy braking and obscure your view, and it can also fall from the car and cause accidents behind you.

Don’t forget to clear your lights too. There’s a lot more darkness over the winter months, and having dirt or ice over your

lights and indicators can make it harder for other drivers to see you.

Lastly, clear your number plates, as the police will be unlikely to accept poor weather as an excuse for them being too dirty to read.

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