What do I need to do before a test drive?

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What do I need to do before a test drive?

From digging out your driving licence to bringing along any appropriate props to try out a car, it’s important to prepare properly for a test drive

It’s best to know what to expect when you take a test drive in a dealer’s car; and, first of all, you can be sure that they’ll demand some sort of identification before they let you loose in one of their cars.

They’ll certainly want to see your driving licence, but one thing you won’t need is insurance: you’ll be covered by the dealer’s policy. And, if you have anything specific you want to carry – whether it’s the family or some special sports equipment – bring it along.

Generally, a test drive will last up to about an hour, and you can expect to be accompanied by someone from the dealer; but, if you want a longer drive or would prefer to drive alone, feel free to ask, as they may be able to sort it out.

Likewise, if you have any particular engine, gearbox, suspension set-up or so on you want to try, let the dealer know in advance.

TOP TIP – If there’s any particular engine or gearbox you want to test, let the dealer know in advance

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